Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here we GO!!!!

Eat to Live round 1 was an awesome experience for me and showed me a few things about myself. 1) Yes, I am capable of commitment to a healthy diet that doesn't include counting points or calories, and is actually a feasible way to live. 2) I like lots of whole foods I never thought I could even taste. 3) My journey has influenced not only myself and family, but my friends, and I have loved being an inspiration to others! SO, that being said, let me recap where Ive been the last month. My first 6 weeks on ETL was a huge success. I had envisioned finishing out that 6 weeks, and continuing on my journey in a manner that would follow the basic principles of ETL with my own modifications I felt I could live with. Then came an event that I wasn't quite ready in my journey to handle properly. VACATION. Damn, I completely blew it. I ate popcorn. I ate candy. I ate cheese. I ate more sodium that any one person should legally be allowed to consume. I even ate a chili cheese coney. Lord, HAVE MERCY!! In short, it was binge central. UGHHHH! I felt horrible.  This cycle has continued for the last month or so. I haven't been quite so awful with my choices as I was on vacation, but there has definitely not been much ETL going on. The guilt has been plaguing me over the last weeks, and I feel ready to jump back into it once again. The results I got with the initial 6 weeks of ETL were amazing. I would like to say this, though, even with my ridiculous binge fests I have been able to maintain my weight loss. 20 pounds lost. So, all this being said, I have recommitted myself to this journey once again and I would like to come back to document as my journey continues and I request your support! Tonight I am going to stuff spinach and kale as well as the usual array of frozen fruit and flaxseed into my ninja and get this party started.