Monday, March 19, 2012

Hanging my head....

Clearly I have been absent lately. Probably that is because I have had some hiccups and been avoiding this place. SO, confession time. My family came to visit, and as strong as I was in my first month, I was just not strong enough to beat out the temptation that Uno Chicago Grill offered. I ate ranch dressing. I ate feta cheese. blah, blah...that is how I felt the day after, and still feel now. Man, times have been tough! Anyway, I would like to mention that at my one month weigh in I lost a total of 14.5 pounds!! How amazing is that?? I guess what I have learned is this; this is life. I will try to eat 100% clean 90% of the time, and that 10% of "oops" moments are OK! I didn't gain any weight after my "oops" and am back on track now. It was actually good for me, in a way, because I had that "cheat" meal, and immediately felt that pang of guilt that often follows poor food choices. It was convicting enough to send me running back toward the light. So, here I am, once again dealing with withdrawals. The headache I felt this morning was just about unbearable. Its almost not worth the uh oh!
Right now, in addition to my eating, I am really focusing on my last month of my training program. I cant wait to share my before and after photos with you all. I have come such a long way. Its amazing how far this journey has taken me in just a short amount of time. I feel energized, and as though there is hope I will actually achieve goals I honestly never thought Id achieve. Do you all have any recipes you could share for clean eating? Of course, Id love to see some vegan options, but that isn't required. Post below!!
Tomorrow I have an intensive workout scheduled at the gym, then tomorrow evening I have a date to run 7 miles. Definitely going to sleep well tomorrow night!
Ok, folks, I am officially back.

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