Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why does it have to be so hard???

Alright folks, let me give an update. I'm going to back up to Friday.I spent my evening bowling with the spouse's club, where they provided pizza and nachos. My sister, Stephanie, and daughter, Emma, accompanied me. My sister couldn't help but order a pitcher of beer. Nice. Then Emma wanted french fries. Just GREAT. The smell was so inviting and so tempting. I wanted to eat that food and drink beer so badly! My belly was growling even though I ate before I went in hopes of keeping my hunger at bay. I managed to succeed in getting through the evening without falter, but it made me long for that junk I hadn't really been exposed to since starting Eat to Live. Sure, the caring cart holds temptation, but at least there is no having to smell it! Let me say this really quick; I don't want to send the message out that this way of eating is miserable and I am always longing for crap to eat, but I want to be real. I want my readers to understand that this is hard. I face trials every single day and feel as though it would be easier to quit sometimes. The biggest push though, comes with the results. I see pounds lighter on the scale despite weight training and doubts. I hear the comments from my friends and family about the difference physically they see. I feel the increased energy everyday. Right now, yea, this is hard. Hard as hell. It will become easier though. With time, the junk wont seem so appealing. However, until then, I will keep coming here to complain every time I am tempted because I find this so therapeutic! I cant run to just anyone to complain. Their solution? Just eat. Umm, no thanks. Ill take health and longevity if I have to suffer a little bit for the greater good. Moving on to Saturday. The ballgame happened, and I prevailed. My hubby and I went tout to eat at an authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurant in downtown DC's China town before the game. I had veggie soup and a little veggie fried rice. Yep. I had some white rice. Im ok with that. It wont happen again for a long time, and it didnt kill my diet. Moving right along. After we ate, I opened my fortune cookie, and got the most inspiring message I could have possibly gotten. It was made just for me! On a completely unrelated note, the game was awesome, Wizards got that WIN, and I got to high-five the entire starting lineup, including John Wall...twice!!! AND, my sweet hubby had a note posted to me on the scoreboard! Anyway,I am getting tired here, and my laundry room is calling my name. Until next time......                                                        

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  1. Good for you! I have officially lost 10 pounds as of this morning!