Monday, February 27, 2012

Feeling Unmotivated...

Ok blog friends, motivate me. I am sitting here feeling like I have nothing to write about. Today has been detox hell. Disconnected, headache, anxious. Blah. I still stuck to the plan. I actually wasn't extremely hungry today and had to push myself to eat lunch, even after an intense 2 hour workout.  I started day 43 (week 7) of my 12 week strength training program yesterday. Today I worked arms, abs, and ran for my cardio.  I am running in a 10-miler race in about a month and Ive just started to step up my running again since the Army 10-miler last October. It been so dang cold here that I haven't been able to run outdoors much lately. I find it terribly difficult to stay focused on the treadmill. Got through it though, thankfully. I am so anxious to see results from the fruits of my labor I can hardly stand it! Tomorrow is my legs day, and my strongest muscle group by far. This is my fav day of the training program, which comes twice a week. If you're interested in following (or just checking out) my workout regimen, here is the link. Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 week trainer I have enjoyed it thoroughly.
I have def been a funk the last couple of days. I'm still trucking along, eating on plan, not cheating...but DYING for some variety. I think that is going to be my goal for this week; trying some different recipes. Tonight my hubby ate "my" food with me, which consisted of romaine lettuce, bell peppers, walnuts, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, topped with a dressing I purchased from whole foods (legal). It was pretty good. My hubs is eating well also, but not following Eat to Live as I am. He still incorporates meat into his diet, and possibly more carbs. He def isn't giving up meat! 
SO, tomorrow I will be facing another challenge. I have a MOPS meeting and brunch in the am (mothers of preschoolers). This is basically where a bunch of moms get together and eat, and hear a speaker. I look forward to this event, which is held twice monthly. Mainly for the brunch part. Oh man, egg and sausage dishes, muffins, cake pops, fruit, bagels, etc. I LOVE it. In fact, I myself am responsible for bringing in a pile of food I cant even consume. How lame is that!? Anyway, I foresee myself sitting in the car having a little talk with God before heading into that land of temptation. i imagine that if I can evade the caring cart, I can make it through this as well. I mean, I am into my second week and going strong. Why screw it all up now? Fresh fruit. I may eat the whole damn tray, but that's fine by me. My friends know whats up. 
Speaking of friends, my BFF, Lorie ( who is working towards all out eating to live) got news this weeks that her hubby got orders for this summer, and they may be PCSing (permanent change of duty station) this summer. For those who dont know me personally, we are an Air Force family. My hubs is active duty AF. Lorie is an Army wife (no, I don't hold that against her, we wear sweatpants equally as often ;) We have only known each other a little over 2 years, but during that time, we have built an incredible friendship and I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her. Also, so thankful for my eldest daughter, Emma, to have found Lorie's daughter, Peyton. They are 8 and also the best of friends, so this news has been especially hard on them as well.  I love her and her entire little family dearly. I honestly don't know what I will do without her when she leaves. So, as you think about me this week and my Eat to Live journey, say a little prayer for all of us as this all sinks in. I ask that Lorie and her family to receive suitable placement and to find happiness in that decision, and for the girls as they go through their first heartbreak. Also for me, as I feel a little selfish, because I just want them to stay! 
Just let me say this real quick before I head out. I already feel better. This blog is so theraputic to me. Thank you to everyone who reads! 
Going to go ahead and close out for the evening, the hubs is already passed out. Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Jenny, I continue to be so proud of you and the strength you are showing in this journey. Love you.